The Kendra is the only organization of its kind which has facilities to cover the whole gamut of education and training in Music, Dance and Fine Arts (Painting). The syllabus of the Kendra has been prepared by eminent scholars and artists and is at par with the syllabus of various Universities in the subjects of Music, Dance and Fine Arts (Painting). The Kendra is a recognized institution which has a duly framed constitution to govern its day to day affairs. It has a General Body and the Executive Board consisting of eminent artists, educationists, social activists and bureaucrats.

The Kendra over the years has acquired professional competence and expertise in holding various examinations in the subjects of Music, Dances and Fine Arts (Painting). It is because of Kendra's universal presence and high standard of examinations that a good number of State Governments, Education Boards and Universities have not only recognized the certificates and diplomas awarded by the Kendra as one of the requisite qualifications for purpose of appointment as teachers/lecturers in schools/colleges but subject to academic qualification as per the eligibility criteria have also treated the same as equivalent to their degrees for taking admission in higher courses of study under their respective jurisdictions.

Way back in the year 1980, University Grants Commission (UGC) vide its letter dated 18th March,1980, has clearly stated that institutions like Kendra are not considered as Universities within the U.G.C. Act, however, institutions like Pracheen Kala Kendra are competent to award certificates and diplomas. No advice has been given by the UGC to any University to the effect that they should not appoint persons who have taken diplomas or certificates from non-university institutions which may be considered by the Universities as equivalent to degrees awarded by Universities. Another feather added in Kendra’s cap is the Supreme Court of India verdict. The apex court was pleased to accept the report of Hon’ble Mr. Justice (Retd.) S.C. Agrawal in the matter No. CA 6098/97 and has held that Diplomas of Sangeet Bhaskar and Sangeet Visharad awarded by the Kendra are equivalent to Post-Graduate and Graduate qualification in music respectively. Further information with regard to the recognition of various subjects is available with the head office of the Kendra.

In the last about 60 years various universalities, Education Boards and State Governments have recognized the examinations /diplomas of the Kendra not only for employment purposes but so also to admit students in Higher Education courses. The list of prominent Universities/Education Boards/State Government , which subject to other eligibility criteria relating to minimum academic qualification as prescribed by them from time to time have granted recognition to the various examinations conducted by the Kendra in the field of Classical Music, Dance and Fine Arts (Painting only) is given hereunder below. From above, it is evident that Kendra is well recognized as All India Body imparting education in the field of Classical Music, Dance and Fine Arts (Painting).

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