Since its beginning in 1956, the Pracheen Kala Kendra has grown into a premier All-India institution with a network of more than 3800 affiliated centres located all over the country and abroad which under supervision of the Kendra  and as per its rules and regulations (Examinations) conduct prescribed examinations of the Kendra every year. Affiliation is granted to such academies and institutions after proper assessment of their infrastructure and facilities for training, and they are required to observe the Rules and Regulations of the Kendra prescribed for the said purpose. The number of such affiliated centres has been increasing with every passing year.
The quality and reliability of the Kendra’s examinations keeps attracting new academies every year to seek affiliation of the Kendra, which has already attained the status of a prestigious All-India Institution identically functioning on the pattern of an Open University. The students who successfully complete training in Music, Dance and Fine Arts appear in the Prarambhik, Bhushan, Visharad and Bhaskar examinations of the Kendra, which have been recognized by a number of State Governments, Education Boards and Universities as requisite qualifications for appointment as lecturers/teachers in Colleges/Schools as well as for taking admission into higher courses of study under their respective jurisdictions.
Here are some of the rules for fixation of an examination centre. The Kendra grants affiliations to the institutions all over India and abroad:-
Rules for getting affiliation for centre registration of Pracheen Kala Kendra

  1. Any cultural institution whether registered or not registered (under the Societies Registration Act or any other relevant law) imparting training in the specialized fields of Indian Classical Music, Classical Dances and Fine Arts (Painting) under Guru Shishya Parampara /training under eminent Gurus /Teachers/Scholars/ Artists can apply for affiliation to the Pracheen Kala Kendra for the grant of an affiliated study /examination centre upon fulfillment /compliance of the rules framed there under.
  2. That there is no other Cultural Institution affiliated to the Kendra within 6/7 kms radius of our institution.
  3. That affiliation granted to a centre is totally Provisional for one year till it is confirmed in writing by the Kendra and during this period of one year in case it is found out that if centre incharge/Principal of the said affiliate centre is working against the interest of the Kendra, the said Provisional Affiliation can be withdrawn immediately at any stage and no further correspondence in this regard will be entertained in this regard.
  4. That before granting affiliation , Kendra also inspect the applicant institution by a team under direct supervision of the Kendra.
  5. To grant affiliation/ fix an examination centre the institution concerned shall be required to have student strength of at least thirty students for all the examinations taken together.
  6. Provided that the Kendra has the right to grant affiliation where the number of students is less than 40 under special and exceptional circumstances upon payment of Additional charges as prescribed by the Kendra from time to time through various circulars issued in this regard.
  7. To grant affiliation shall be the exclusive right of the Kendra, and no unwanted correspondence shall be entertained in this behalf.
  8. Provided further that for examination centre(s) up to Visharad Final (5th year) , under special circumstances , and with prior approval of the Registrar, an examination centre can be allotted for less than 40 students on the terms & conditions as well as payment of additional charges as fixed by the Kendra from time to time towards part payment of T.A/D.A. of examiners and other incidental expenses.
  9. No examination centre shall be allotted in case the students strength is less than 15.
  10. The Registrar, Pracheen Kala Kendra, has every right to affiliate any institution imparting education and training the field of Music, Dance and Fine Arts (Painting) . The Registrar has also the power either to refuse or dis-affiliate any institution, without giving any notice or assigning any reasons to the institution concerned.
  11. The examinations of the Pracheen Kala Kendra shall be held at such centres only as are fixed by the Kendra for the said purpose. No Theory and/or practical examination shall be held at any other centre which is not fixed by the Kendra. Arrangement of Sub-Centres is not permissible ordinarily. However, the Kendra has the right to permit a Sub-Centre to be arranged in case the sub-centre is prepared to bear the T.A. and D.A. of the Examiners, if the number of students is less than 40 at the Sub-Centre. The request for the Sub-Centre shall be sent to the Kendra at least one month prior to the date of the examination.
  12. If the strength of the candidates is less than 20 numbers, the examination centre shall not be made at his/her institution and the candidate shall be permitted to appear from nearby already affiliated centre of the Kendra.
  13. That that after confirmation of the affiliation, Kendra can withdraw the same and cancel the registration after issuing a show cause notice, in case found to be indulged in malpractices, unfair means and conducting examinations in violation of the Rules and Regulations (Examinations) of the Kendra.
  14. Examination centres shall be set up at various places on the receipt of applications, in the form prescribed by the Kendra from time to time.
  15. Every Institution, which is affiliated to the Kendra, shall be required to pay an Affiliation fee prescribed from time to time.

Any School run by individual, association of individuals, registered trust, society or firms registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 or as stated above, shall apply in prescribed form for affiliation to the Registrar, Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh along with affiliation fee.


The affiliation will be granted by the Registrar, Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh on receipt of prescribed affiliation fee and fulfilling the other conditions of affiliation.


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