Management And Organizational Set-Up

Since the Kendra is a registered institution, it has a properly framed democratic constitution to govern its day-to-day affairs. The institution functions on sound professional lines though separate wings, looking after Training, Research, Examinations, Performances and General Administration. The Kendra has a General Body which elects the members to the Executive Board who in turn guides the day-to-day functions of the Kendra. These members are persons of high social status and unquestionable integrity having deep interest in the promotion of art & culture as well as education of young people in Music, Dance and Fine Arts.

The organizational set-up of the Kendra is no less than or similar to the organizational set-up of a University/School Education Board of the country. There is a Chairman like the Vice-Chancellor of a University/Board of School Education. The Senior Vice-Chairman/ Vice-Chairmen at par with a Pro Vice-Chancellor of a University or Vice-Chairman in a school Education Board. There is a Secretary who is the Principal Executive Officer of the institution, like the Secretary of Education Board, a Registrar on the pattern of the Registrar of a University. There is a Treasurer like the Chief Accounts Officer of a University/Board. At Present Additional Registrar , Controller of Examination, Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Accounts Officer, Superintendents and other ministerial staff are on the staffing pattern of a University/School Education Board.   



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